Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Puppet Master

Just over the Potomac in Glen Echo, MD lay the remnants of an old amusement park.  All that is left is the beautiful old carousel complete with a self-playing organ, a few buildings, a small park and The Puppet Company.  Honestly, I couldn't help thinking what a perfect setting it would be for a horror movie. Anyway, we saw an absolutely adorable puppet show all about the Wolf's version of what really happened to the Three Little Pigs and Goldie Locks.  

Isn't it pathetic that after I rode the carousel I felt nauseous for like three hours?
Apparently, you are never too old to ride a giant bunny. In fact, the whole experience made Atley quite reflective.

  Glen Echo Park shares a parking lot with the Clara Barton National Historic Site.  Of course, I made the kids visit Ms. Barton's home too.  They grumbled a little but Nash caught a blue-tailed skink which actually shed its tail for us and he discovered a colony of millipedes, so it was totally worth his while.

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Elaine said...

I always wanted to do that , but I have to say it sounds kind of creepy and the wolf isn't helping ....