Tuesday, August 12, 2014


You know summer better end quickly when the kids get so bored you begin taking risks with their life in an effort to keep them entertained.  You only live once right?  Last week Scott built a zip-line into the pool for the children. Harley seemed to grasp the concept better than anyone else.  The boys sometimes refused to let go and just hovered over the pool screaming. Actually, we only had one small incident which I caught on video. Mostly it is just me screaming at Scott because Nash let got before he was over the water.  It is a little comical. My favorite part is Nash screaming, "What the heck!" over and over. See video below.

Maybe just a little terrified to be the guinnea pig!

The boys had a friend over while Scott was building the zip-line and when they first attempted it.  When we asked him if he wanted to give it a shot he said, "No, because first of all Mr. Butler is not a professional zip-line builder and second, my parents think you guys are crazy." 
Additionally, feeling a little nostalgic for the freedom of Colorado the boys busted out their motorcycle which never gets ridden here because, well  there is no place to ride it without the police getting involved. Scott and I decided to open the back gates and let them take laps around the yard. They had a great time and so did Scott.

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