Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Rainy Day's and Tuesdays Never Bring Me Down

 (Do you have that Carpenter's song, Rainy Days and Mondays in your head now? If not than you are probably too young to be reading this blog.  There may be information not suitable for children under 35)

Wow! Sorry about that parenthesized tangent. In case you couldn't guess today was one of those dark, dreary, soaking wet kind of days.  Therefore, all of our fun had to be had inside of the house.  Nash loves days like this because he adores simply being at home. Atley and Harley on the other hand love to go, go, go and then they are ready to go again!  I had to find a way to keep them all entertained peaceably.  First, they brought their scooters in the house and rode them around the loop that is our dining room, kitchen, foyer, and formal living room until all of them had cried at least once and it became very apparent that the mother had better intervene.  So, we made these nifty little bouncy balls. Yes, they actually bounce. We have a gazillion rubber bands from the fleeting excitement of the Rainbow Loom fad.  We finally put them to good use.  We began by wading up a small piece of paper and then wrapping the paper with the colorful bands.

Then we built the most amazingly cool thing EVER!  With the help of an old floor fan and a king size sheet we built an air fort.  Nothing has made me want to be a kid again more than this little invention. It was like totally tubular to the max. 
(Again if you didn't get the Carpenter's reference you might be struggling with this last phrase as well.)

When the sun never even tried to peek out from behind the clouds and trees, we made Sun Catchers with our stash of plastic beads.  We placed the beads in mason jar rings on top of an old cookie sheet and put them in the broiler for 10 minutes or until all the beads were melted. Maybe tomorrow we will see if they really catch the sunlight, that is if the sun decides to actually come out.

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