Thursday, August 28, 2014

A Baby Atkins Diet Perhaps?

All three of my darling demons had well-child check-ups last week.  The doctor made them dress up in these adorable paper robes.  She told them they could leave their underwear on, but as luck would have it, none of them were even wearing underwear. Hmm, that was awkward. I was admiring their cuteness and thinking about how very thankful I am for modern medicine and for vaccinations against all sorts of horrible diseases when I heard the doctor say that Nash was "CHUNKY!"  She then used the term "CHUBBY"  and said something about him laying off the carbs. Next, she suggested that I quit letting him steal his brother's food.  Of course, this was annoying on so many levels.  First, he was sitting right there. Whatever happened to sensitivity and a decent bed-side manner? Second, is there no accounting for body type in this world. Where's the humanity?  But, what probably made me most upset of all is that I KNOW Nash cannot be fat because six months ago we made him switch to DIET Coke! Hello, what more can we do doc?

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