Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Mile High

Before catching our plane home we spent a few days in Denver.  It is a great city with plenty to keep us entertained. First, we watched the Rockies play the Washington Nationals and as you can see the boys were quite conflicted about who they were cheering for. Harley, of course, mostly just cheered for her peanuts.

We visited the Denver Aquarium which was much better than any of us anticipated.  Harley was ecstatic when she discovered "real-live" mermaids in one of the tanks!

We also went to the Denver Temple where the kids got their own set of scriptures with their names engraved upon them.  They were so proud.
But, perhaps most exciting of all was a trip to the LEGO store where granny bought the boys the "LEGO sets of their dreams!" (The Star Wars Sandcrawler and Star Destroyer)  As you can imagine, the first 3 days of our time at home has been spent building these monstrous sets.  Nash was so overcome with joy when Granny bought him the Sandcrawler he burst into tears. When I asked him what was wrong he said, "I just love Granny so much and I can't believe anyone would love me enough to buy me something so amazing!"  It was pretty adorable.
By the way if you are wondering why their hair is suddenly shaved off, we had a gum incident.

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G&G said...

Okay where's the blog about the "gum incident"??
Always have loved Denver, glad you got to spend time seeing some cool things.