Friday, July 11, 2014

Taos Pueblo

We have been in Colorado for about two weeks and as usual it has been full of adventures.  We spent the first week trading the stomach flu with one another which was pretty horrific.  I removed a giant tick from Atley's head, Harley pulled the dresser over on herself, Nash nearly impaled himself while falling out of a tree, Atley had a severe allergic reaction to cherries which literally had me running through the streets looking for Benadryl while the store clerks kept bringing me Bengay,  Harley was lost at a family party but was finally found in a pen of goats pretending to be the farm version of Diane Fossey, and of course we have experienced a few motorcycle wrecks but perhaps most terrifying of all has been slow or no Internet service.  I hope we can survive another 2 weeks. Fortunately, it hasn't all been drama, we spent one day at the Taos Pueblo in Northern New Mexico learning about the Pueblo Indians.  About 50 people still live traditionally in the pueblo with no running water or electricity. Many of their customs are sacred and therefore not discussed openly but we learned a lot and the kids were even able to sample some Indian Fry Bread. I will spare you the historical lecture but encourage you to visit if you ever have the chance.  It is magnificently beautiful. (Is magnificently a word?)

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