Monday, July 21, 2014

Rockin' the Ghost House

When I was a little girl my cousins and I spent hours playing with a little tin doll house at my Grandma's home.  We used to make ghosts out of old rags to fill up the little cottage, so it became known as the ghost house.  I was so excited when we arrived in Colorado to discover that my grandmother had given my mother the ghost house for my kids to play with all summer. She had even saved the ghosts that I had created as a child. Of course my kiddos made the doll house their very own, they squashed the ghost house idea and turned it into the rock house.  They collected hundreds of stones and spent many hours painting and decorating their treasured rocks to play with in the ghost house.  We had angry birds, star wars characters, snakes, lady bugs and bumblebee rocks all partying in the ghost house.

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