Monday, April 2, 2012

General Conference

I thought about adding the above picture of my children dutifully working on their conference packets and writing about how perfect our conference weekend was, how wonderful my children behaved and how spiritually elevated we have all become.  Judging by the picture, no one would be the wiser, but I am guessing there was a talk somewhere in conference about being honest with our fellow man. Honestly, the whole conference packet thing lasted about 3 minutes. Don't get me wrong, my children love conference, but I am afraid it is only because it means they don't have to go to church. Regardless of how much I prepare to have them do quiet things while Scott and I try to watch, nothing at my house can be done quietly or without blood shed.  We had a black eye, a bloody nose, a little girl who refuses to wear pants and  a confession about peeing in the laundry room trash can when someone mentioned that it smelled funky. Not to mention when mom and dad spend a weekend watching 8 hours of TV the rest of the house crumbles around them.  There wasn't a room in our home that had not been destroyed by bedtime last night. Additionally, conference has the same effect on my kids as marijuana has on a stoner. They had the munchies all day and what I thought was a pantry stocked for at least a week is nearly bare. 
So, here I am at the beginning of a new week, Spring Break no less, with an empty fridge, a disaster to tackle everywhere I look anxiously waiting to read General Conference when my kids are asleep and I can actually get something out of the messages.
Please tell me that someday my efforts will pay off!!

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April said...

It's like our kids are related or something. Our Conference experience was so very similar.