Monday, April 30, 2012

Our Day on the Bay!

When we left Arizona, we had lived there for a little less than three years and we never saw the Grand Canyon. We thought we had time, we were wrong.  So, when we moved here I vowed we would see and do as much as we possibly could, never knowing when our job would call us somewhere else.  It is exciting living in a place where each day you can wake up and say, "Let's do something we have never done before!" and you never seem to run out of options.  This weekend was pirate themed. It all started with a trip to the movie theater to see the new movie...

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It was pretty funny and had the boys speaking pirate all night.  The next morning we drove to Annapolis and the beautiful Chesapeake Bay.  We were going on a pirate cruise!  The whopping 45 degree heat kept the other pirates at bay and there were only 7 of us sailing that day. 
First step, dress like a pirate complete with tattoos:

Next, get on the ship, get debriefed about the dangers lurking in the water, and do some push ups to be strong enough to face said dangers.

Once we set sail it wasn't long before we were attacked by Blackbeard himself. Never fear the kids took care of that scallywag with their water cannons! ARGH!!

The kids pulled a treasure chest out of the bay and a bottle of ice cold Grog, aka Rootbeer, for all of us to enjoy.  They had a fantastic time and worked up one heck of an appetite. 
 Our plan was to visit the famous Chick & Ruth's Delly, home of the 6 lb. milkshake and 4 lb. cheese burger.

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Annapolis was also hosting it's annual Sail Boat show, after all Annapolis is the sailing capital of America, so eating at Chick & Ruth's was a little trying but after a long wait, some tears, and a lot of Peek-A-Boo with Nash's jacket...

they brought the boys their shakes and me the most delicious Reuben I have ever tasted!

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