Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Space Shuttle Discovery

Today the Space Shuttle Discovery made its way into our area where it is going to make a new home for itself at the Air & Space Museum.  Nash, Harley, and I went to see it fly over the city before it landed at Dulles.  For some reason, I assumed we might be the only people interested but I was wrong. I think the whole city was out to witness the historic event.  We ended up just pulling off the road and onto the grass and then walking to a place where I thought we could get a good glimpse. We had a fantastic view and it flew over us several times.  Harley was the first to spot it. I am not sure if she heard it first or actually saw it, but she suddenly shouted, "Oh, my goodness. There it is!!!"  Everyone began cheering and snapping pictures. It was pretty spectacular. I was kicking myself all morning for not taking Atley out of school to come with us.  But, I just received an e-mail from his teacher stating that he managed to convince the principal that the whole school needed to go outside just in case the shuttle flew over.  Apparently, the principal agreed and the kids were overjoyed when it flew right over the football field!!!

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G&G said...

Oh my goodness, you got these pictures, they are totally awesome. You have to be the funnest mommy in the whole world!!!!