Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Spring Break

Before school let out for Spring Break a few weeks ago, Atley was given an assignment to write about what he was going to do over the holiday. Many of his classmates were going on elaborate vacations to Europe, Hawaii, Thailand, and of course Disney World.  I am assuming Atley must have felt that our plans were not quite up to par so this is what he wrote:

This Spring Break I am going to skydive out of  an airplane into the eye wall of a category 5 hurricane. If I survive, I am then heading to the sun on a super sonic jet.  From there I am going to make it rain a million dollars.  That brings us to Tuesday when I am going to drive a Corvette to Alaska non-stop, where I am planning on digging a tunnel to the center of the earth.  Finally, on Saturday I am planning a picnic on Saturn.

Ha! Take that you little second grade snobs!!!
While, his spring break wasn't nearly as exciting as he had hoped, I think we had a great STAYcation right here at home.

We went and saw Mirror, Mirror at the movie theatre, where all three consumed their weight in popcorn.

We went out for ice cream and played in the fountain at Fairfax Corner!

We visited Butler's Bunnyland and played on the farm!

We had a playdate with our friends and the mom's made hair bows/hats for the girls to wear on Easter.  I didn't get a great picture of her hat but HERE is a tutorial on how we made it!

We dressed up ALOT!!

We went to Olive Garden to celebrate reaching our latest Scripture Reading goal-Jacob!  Some of us were more happy to be there than others.

We captured the first critter of the season-a snail. He is currently lost somewhere in our house!

We dyed Easter eggs.

And of course the Easter Bunny made a special trip to our house.
So, it wasn't a picnic on Saturn or even a trip to Thailand, but we made lots of great memories!

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