Saturday, April 21, 2012


No, I am not referring to a Latin American soccer game with that post title. I am referring to my weight loss goal.  I DID IT!!!

25 lbs. lost-no 25 lbs. gone because I am never going to find them again.  I am feeling a lot like...
Image Detail
a super model.

Actually, no I am not. I am still insecure about all the same parts, funny how that works. But, I do feel healthier and much more energetic. If only I had taken a before and after shot in a teensy tiny bikini-NOT!!! The best part is that I finally have a valid excuse to spend money on pretty clothes. May I also just add, if I can do it with my total lack of self control and passionate love of chocolate, anyone can.
Now comes the hard part-maintaining it!


Janae said...

I saw your blog off of someone else's and it's seriously my favorite blog to read. You are such a cool person! I noticed how skinny you looked last Sunday :) Good work girl!

Casey and Allie said...

You are AWESOME! I meant to tell you that you looked so skinny last week in church! You really do look great.

Now write a post on everything you did and mayyyyyyybe I'll do it!

Melinda said...

Way to go! Seriously inspiring me to kick the last bit of my pregnancy weight... Really, it's probably chocolate Easter Bunny weight now... but I'm going to keep blaming it on the baby for as long as that works.

Hannah Neville McMillan said...

you are awesome!!!!! I want to see pics!!!

Shannon said...

congrats! what a sweet achievement. You are seriously the blog I look forward to reading more than any other. :)