Tuesday, April 15, 2014


When it is finally warm enough for us to play outside it means it is also warm enough for the critters to come out and play too.  Usually those critters are alive, sometimes not so much.  Friday after the boys got home from school and changed into their swimming trunks I began picking up the clothes they had been wearing. It was at this point I began to smell something dead.  Boys are generally stinky but this was worse than usual. Before throwing their jeans in the wash I emptied their pockets and found the skull of squirrel in Atley's pocket.  Complete with one snaggled squirrel tooth. I put it in a plastic bag and it is sitting on my kitchen counter. They won't let me get rid of it.
The very next day Atley caught the first toad of the season. In true big brother style, he convinced his little sister that if she kissed it, the toad would turn into a handsome prince. It took some coaxing but eventually she did kiss the toad.  When the toad didn't change into a prince she expressed her relief. She was glad because she said he was much cuter as a toad.

Probably most exciting of all was when Harley captured a lady bug.

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