Monday, April 21, 2014

Ford's Theatre

One of the items on Atley's to-do list for Spring Break was to go to Ford's Theatre, the site of the Lincoln assassination.  He recently finished Lincoln's Last Days and loved it.
Of course, unbeknown to us we picked the anniversary of Lincoln's Death and the day of the annual Emancipation Day Parade to visit the theater and museum. It was a nightmare. The lines were incredible plus it was freezing. The only thing that made Nash and Harley continue to cooperate was the promise of an enormous rootbeer float from Shake Shack when we finished.  Other than that I think they were most impressed with the learning center across from Ford's where they have a tower of books all written about Lincoln.  They also that it was pretty cool being in the actual bedroom where the president died.  They are totally morbid.

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