Friday, April 4, 2014

Please Dad! Begging for a Puppy

We often frequent the local Pet Store for entertainment.  They let us play with as many puppies as we like and then we leave them behind, sometimes in a dramatic and heart wrenching fashion.  Harley and I spent three hours there the other day.  In fact, if she hadn't been bit by one of the dogs I am certain they would have had to forcefully remove us. You see, our cat Lucy was like a practice pet. She is pretty low maintenance and can be left home alone for up to a week at a time, but the truth is, we are more dog people. She was a small step in our master plan to get a dog. Although I must admit I unexpectedly love that fat cat.  The truth is I am an animal person and would love a whole bunch of critters, a farm even, and if I could put that farm in the middle of NYC I would call my life perfect.  However, we can't quite get the dad or the county zoning board to go along with our little farm plan.  So, a dog is out of the question for the time being, but we are working on Scott and we will break him, oh yes, we will have a puppy someday.  In the meantime, we continue to learn more and more about the life and times of the Petland employees. I feel a bit like a foster mother to those crazy kids.  

Here is a video of Harley with the puppy that finally retaliated and bit her chubby little arm.  Can you blame the poor creature?

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