Monday, April 14, 2014

Spring Fever

Friday was 80 degrees. It might as well have been 100, because the boys raced home from the bus stop and immediately stripped off their school clothes and put on their swimming suits with their little sister in tow. It felt like the last day of school, they were so excited.  They hooked up the hose and soaked themselves in water that is still very cold from the winter.  When the water got too cold to bear they retreated to our sand box which has not been opened for months. It was full of the remains of melted snow and old sand.  Of course none of that stopped them from taking a "mud bath."  The mud bath required us to shower them in the cold water once again before allowing them in the house.  I must admit hosing them down was pretty enjoyable.

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G&G said...

Each year it just gets better and better, huh.