Thursday, April 3, 2014

For Future Reference (St. Patrick's Day Game)

We had a lovely snow day on St. Patrick's day.  We decided to play a game called:
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Nash had to kiss his dice for good luck with each roll.  Unfortunately, it didn't work and he lost the game.  At which point he threw a major fit and crumpled up his leprechaun art.  Here is a glimpse of his fit which for some reason involved throwing snow clothes.
Yes, that is the boys' schedule behind Nash on the chalk wall. I run a pretty tight ship around here. (Read with sarcastic tone)

Have you ever notice how when one kid is being the devil the rest pretend to be like perfect angels in an attempt to prove to their mother how much more valuable they are than their sibling?

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G&G said...

What a cute game, we Butlers have always loved St Pat Day