Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Tale of Two Kitties

I promise not to become the crazy cat lady who blogs about her pet, but please forgive me for doing it just this once. It has been several months since we brought home the kitty that hid in a vent for two days before  making her presence known.  She has truly become a part of our family.  Proof in point, Atley needed a family picture for some school project he is working on.  Before school I handed him the picture to put in his backpack.  "This won't work!" he said totally agitated with me.  My reply, "Why? It's a great picture."  He said, "Well, maybe but Lucy is not in it."  Exasperated I said, "Well, Atley we don't have time to take a family picture with our cat this morning."  He burst into tears screaming about how cruel I was and how I didn't love our cat. DRAMA KING!! (By the way I have caught both him and Nash crying during those Sara McLaughlin commercials) Fine, I'll compromise.We snapped a quick picture of the cat and printed it off before rushing out the door.  All I could think about was how I hope this cat is immortal because when it dies my children will be inconsolable and probably in counseling for a decade. But, for a cat she is pretty darn lovable.
  Here a few reasons why we are so attached:
1. She is fat. Fat cats make everyone happy.
2. She is lazy. Lazy is awesome.
3. When Scott snores at night, which he does always. She jumps on our bed and puts her paw over his mouth. I love this because on particularly exhausting nights I have fantasized about putting a pillow over his face, especially when he wakes up the next morning complaining that he hardly slept at all the previous night. Really, because I was there next to you.  Were you just making those noises for fun?
I love you honey and I promise I will never actually murder you.
4. She drinks out of the toilet. So, we don't even have to give her water.
5.  She can turn on the faucet in the bathroom just in case the toilet water isn't too her liking.  
6. She greets us every morning with a meow/purr that actually sounds like "Hello!" in Dutch.
7. She has seen me naked and didn't laugh or turn away in disgust.
8. Nash keeps his drawer open for her to sleep in at night. She loves it there. Granted Nash's shirts have to be de-furred before school every morning, but who doesn't like a kid that comes to class smelling like a feline.

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