Sunday, January 20, 2013

When the Tooth Fairy is a Loser!

Ever notice how kids never lose a tooth in the morning when you have all day to think about it and make change.  No, kids inevitably lose their teeth at bedtime when you are exhausted and the only money in the house is hiding in your sofa cushions.  Nash lost his tooth last night and I had every intention of finding that hidden change and carrying it upstairs with me to carefully place under his pillow but I fell asleep on the couch. When I finally went up the stairs in a fog I was no longer thinking about the tooth fairy just my comfy bed.  This morning when he came down carrying his little baggie with the tiny tooth inside I felt terrible. I had to think fast.  "Maybe you just couldn't find it Nash." I said. He replied with, "Even if there is something under my pillow, it doesn't explain why she didn't even take my tooth."  Good point, I thought.  "You stay here and eat this yummy doughnut, while I go look around your bed."  I had to think fast. I couldn't go back downstairs and look for change and even if I did it really wouldn't explain why the tooth wasn't gone. I remembered that he had been asking for two things lately, a Jawa from Star Wars and their transport vehicle, the Sandcrawler. I was formulating a plan, maybe Amazon could save the day. I grabbed a piece of paper and wrote him a quick poem from that failing fairy:
To my dearest Nash
I didn't leave you any cash.
I also left for you your tooth
Which for a fairy is quite uncouth.
What I want you very much to know
Is that I ordered something for you though
The Sandcrawler it is not,
But a Jawa is what you got!
Don't cry or shoot the moon
For it will be here very soon.
Nash if you ever come back and read this blog in 20 years or so, I hope you read this entry and realize how very much your mother loved you and would do anything to make you happy even perpetuate crazy lies about a fairy that orders you toys on Amazon.


G&G said...

Very clever mom, good job...

Kristin said...

I'm playing catch up on your blog. :) When Ashtyn lost her first tooth, a similar thing happened. Shae had to make up an excuse explaining what had happened. I gave her so much heck for it. Well her next tooth was lost at my mom's house while I was there and I promised to leave money for her. Both my mom and I fell asleep and forgot. So then I had to make up a big lie and sneak money under a different pillow. Being a mom/Aunt makes you a big fat liar. :)