Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Jimmer Fredette has been an integral part of our daily lives for at least six years. Yes, it is safe to say that he is the object of Scott's bro-mantic dreams and I think he is pretty fantastic too. I even follow his wife on Pinterest, that is how close we are.  He was in D.C. last night playing the Wizards. We got tickets that allowed us to go early and watch the pre-game shoot around on the floor.  We were a little disappointed when all Jimmer did was smile, wave,and say "Hey, How's it goin'?" to us. No hugs, no air kisses, no messages from his wife about how awesome I am at pinning things. We had to remind ourselves that while we consider him a close family friend, he barely acknowledges us because he doesn't actually know we exist.  We have invested hours watching him play, checking his stats, defending his honor and I don't even think he reads my blog. What selflessness on our part! It's heartbreaking really, but we will go on quietly supporting him and cheering him on from the nosebleeds like the stoic basketball martyrs we have become. 
Checkout how impressed Nash was to be watching our family idol. Harley was not only unimpressed look what she is doing with the middle finger of her right hand!  The vulgarity of that little girl is shocking. Where could she possibly learn something like that.
We did manage to take another horrible family photo while in attendance.  It looks like we are physically trying to hold the boys in place, most likely because we were which explains the super fake smiles on Harley, Scott, and my face
We love you Jimmer!


Melinda said...

I love reading your blog. You have a gift for hilarity. I should know, I hire writers all the time. You are a good one. Jimmer is missing out.

G&G said...

Too fun.....