Friday, January 18, 2013

Flour Power

Tonight Atley went to his very first friend sleepover.  He was so excited and we weren't sure whether we should celebrate or cry.  We decided to make it a special night for Nash, who is the proverbial middle child. He wanted to play games at home, he is also a home body, and eat his favorite food-homemade fries and hot dogs.  When dinner was done we played a game that I remembered playing as a kid.  You make a mound of flour and place an M&M or something on top. Each person takes turns cutting away the flour with a butter knife. Whoever makes the candy fall has to eat it out of the flour without using his or her hands. WARNING:  It is a little messy!

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G&G said...

I admire your creativity and lack of fearing clean up mess. How did Atley do?