Monday, January 14, 2013

Swimming, Scouting, & Sickness

Sorry, I have been missing lately. Our life seems to be one long string of sickness. We have spent a lot of time lounging around doing this.
 So, when we finally do feel good we try to make the most of it.  First, the boys have started swimming each week.  I love to swim in the dreary winter months. I get to sit on the bleachers at a warm pool and pretend that it is summer outside.  Harley has had an ear infection so she hasn't started swimming, but she loves watching her bros. Actually, who am I kidding. Harley is not swimming because Harley swimming means mom has to don a bathing suit and what with my winter layer of fat, I am going to hold off on that. 

The most exciting thing in our life over the past week was Atley's first Pine Wood Derby. How am I old enough to have a little cub scout?  He and his dad worked really hard on his car, Blue Lighting.
Race day was pretty intense. He won some, he lost some and was overall very happy with his car's performance.

 Blue Lightning in lane 2!

I am a sucker for a man in uniform.

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