Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I feel like I am always trying to simplify my life without any success. Every once in while I am given a nudge to keep trying because it will not only make things simpler but more joyous. Today it was more of a hard shove then a nudge.  I had been thinking about the boy's four day weekend coming up and how I was going to fill every waking moment with activities and outings.
 Then the mailman arrived and we received a package from my mom, AKA Granny. Isn't getting a package so exciting?  Granny told me she was sending it, but she also said that there was nothing too exciting in it.  She couldn't have been more wrong because amidst a lot of cool things, like next year's winter coat for Harley, there were 10 balloons.  My kids had more fun with those 10 balloons than they had on Christmas morning among hundreds of dollars worth of toys.  They played together without fighting.  They used their imagination. First, we played Hot Potato Bomb. Then we rubbed the balloons in our hair until they were so full of static electricity that they could defy gravity.  Harley made me tie three of her balloons together. She said it was a butterfly and that she was the butterfly princess.  The boys drew faces and spaceships on their balloons and then competed to see who could launch their balloon the farthest.  I had so much fun playing with them and remembering that kids don't need a lot to be happy. I think I also realized that maybe adults don't either.

I have to mention that in the package were these super cozy slippers.
And the coolest gloves EVER!!! They are called Plixio and they are only like $3 on Amazon. They look and feel just like normal gloves, but you can text with them.  I love them. Thanks Mom! We love you.

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G&G said...

What a great package, awesome gloves.